Elana Wolff Season 2 – Season 2 – Elana Wolff

Elana Wolff:

Elana Wolff is the author of seven solo collections… read more

Ronda Wicks Eller Namaashoum Poets Season 2 – Ronda Wicks Eller

Ronda Wicks Eller

Ronda Wicks Eller is a Canadian poet… read more

?? A Poetic Nowruz – 20th March 2022

A Poetic Nowruz – 20th March 2022

George Elliot Clarke Namaashoum Poets Season 2 – George Elliot Clarke
Stephen Kent Roney Namaashoum Poets Season 2 – Stephen Kent Roney

Stephen Kent Roney

I was born in the small town of… read more

Carolyn Cordell Namaashoum Poets Season 2 – Carolyn Cordell

Carolyn Cordell

Carolyn Cordell is a mother, grandmother… read more

Josephine Lore Namaashoum Poets Season 2 – Josephine Lore
Lisa Reynolds Namaashoum Poets Season 2 – Lisa Reynolds

Lisa Reynolds

Lisa Reynolds is a Canadian writer of poetry… read more

Irina Moga Namaashoum Poets Season 2 – Irina Moga

Irina Moga

Romanian-born Irina Moga is a member of the… read more

Wang Ziliang Namaashoum Poets Season 2 – Wang Ziliang

Wang Ziliang Born in Taizhou, Zhejiang, in 1958. After graduating… read more

Claudia Piccinno Season 2 – Claudia Piccinno

Claudia Piccinno is a teacher, poet and translator, she lives and teaches in… read more

Diana Manole Season 2 – Diana Manole

Diana Manole - Bucharest-born Diana Manole immigrated in 2000 and is now proudly… read more

Emil Nicolae Season 2 – Emil Nicolae


Writer, art critic and historian, journalist, museographer,… read more

Jüri Talvet Season 2 – Jüri Talvet

JÜRI TALVET was born in 1945 in Pärnu (Estonia). A graduate of the University of… read more

Peter Semolic Season 2 – Peter Semolic

Peter Semolič, born in Ljubljana in 1967, studied General Linguistics and Cultural… read more

Gino Leineweber Season 2 – Gino Leineweber

Gino Leineweber was born in 1944 and has been working as a poet, writer, and… read more

Blaine Marchand Season 2 – Blaine Marchand

Blaine Marchand is an Ottawa poet. His seventh book of poetry, Becoming History… read more

Janice Kulyk Keefer Season 2 – Janice Kulyk Keefer

Janice Kulyk Keefer is a writer of prose, poetry and literary criticism;… read more

Josephine LoRe Namaashoum Poets – Season 2 – Josephine LoRe
Paul Edward Costa Season 2 – Paul Edward Costa

Paul Edward Costa is a literary artist, current Director of the Art Bar Poetry… read more