Krištof Dovjak

Slovenian author and theatrologist Krištof Dovjak was born 1967 in Sweden. He graduated in comparative literature and philosophy. He was a theater critic, teacher and newspaper editor. Since 2002, he is a freelance writer and playwright. As playwright he worked with most Slovenian theaters. He published several books of poetry and books of plays. Poetry: The wind in Odysseus (1999); Prometheus on the poster (2007); bilingual, Slovenian-French e-book Opus quantum (translated by Dalibor Tomić, 2018): ; Hemingway's lips (2019) and Saladin's sobbing (2020). Drama: City plays (2009); Court plays (2009); Drama diptych (2019); Drama Triptych (2019). As a dramatist he also published e-books: Daughetrs, Funeral, Wedding (2015):; Daedalus (2015):; Heracles, folly … (translated into Serbian by Ivan Antić, 2015): 

Dovjak also translated ex-Yugoslav literature. The first Slovenian online poetry magazine Poiesis ( released a bilingual e-book Danube lover (2020) featuring his translations of selected poems of Serbian modernist and avantgarde poet Rade Tomić.