Antje Stehn

Antje Stehn, Germany, resides in Italy. Poet, visual artist, art curator, member of German Exil- PEN. Since 1980 she has been showing her art work in international exhibitions around Europe and the US. Since 2014 she is organizing poetic-artistic performances. She is part of the international Collective "Poetry is my Passion". Co-editor of the poetry magazine TamTamBumBum, Los Ablucionistas and Teerandaz. She is member of the direction committee of the Piccolo Museo della Poesia of Piacenza, Italy. In 2022 she published her most recent bilengual  book “Grotesk” with  Expeditionen Verlag. Her poems are translated into eleven different languages and published in numerous international Antologies. Since 2020 she is curating the art-poetry project “Rucksack a Global Poetry Patchwork which involves  more than 250 international poets.

My poem is dedicated to the courage of Iranian women and men and theri dramatic struggle for selfdetermination which began nearly three months ago after the brutal killing of Mahsa Amini. I sincerely hope that all this bloodshed and the killing of the youth was non invane and that the structure of the Iranian society wil break up and thigs will change so everybody can live the way they want to live. It is time for this change.