David C. Brydges is a cultural historian and community legacy builder whose visionary mission is to bring the world more poetry. He is the artistic director of the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival in Northern Ontario. Memberships include Stroll of Poets, Edmonton Poetry Festival, Parkland Poets, Ontario Poetry Society, League of Canadian Poets, and Haiku Canada. He will be reading three poems from His upcoming full-length book “Vaulting to Venus.”

Some of the themes include nature as I live in a small rural community in Northern Ontario and have access to the wilderness. Political commentary poems as am a news junkie and student of contemporary history. The third subject is books I read that sometimes offer an inspirational idea for a poem. Recent themes around our relationship to technology have entered some of my poetry. As well as biographical tribute poems to various figures such as Thomas Merton, Robert Lax, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Chinggis Khan, Hildegard de Bingen, Lal Děd, and Hermann Hesse.

Contemporary poetry in Canada is thriving thanks to the many digital social media ways to express and share our content with the world. Poetry is needed and necessary in dark times to affirm diverse voices can be heard and respected. When the machine age relentlessly consumes a conformist culture in so many dehumanizing ways. Poetry sings an ancient song from ancient springs of renewal, redemption, and restoration of a soul afire with voices uniquely authentic and strong.

email contact: mybrydges@yahoo.ca