FABIO SCOTTO was born in La Spezia (Italy) in 1959 and lives in Varese (near Milan). He is the author of thirteen volumes of poetry (mostly in italian, one in French): Il grido viola (Ed. del Leone,1988),Il bosco di Velate (Ed. del Leone,1991),La dolce ferita (Caramanica, 1999), Genetliaco (Passigli 2000), L’intoccabile (Passigli, 2004), Bocca segreta (Passigli, 2010; French edition: Bouche secrète, translated by Francis Catalano, Editions du Noroît, Montréal- Québec/Canada, 2017), A riva (Nuova Editrice Magenta, 2009), La Grecia è morta e altre poesie (Passigli, 2013), In amore (Passigli, 2016), La nudità del vestito (Nuova Editrice Magenta, 2017), Storia di Emma C. e altre poesie (Puntoacapo editrice, 2020), La peau de l’eau. Poèmes français 1989-2019 (éd. La passe du vent, 2020), A. L’abbandono (Passigli, 2021). His poems have been translated in many languages (english, french, german, spanish, portuguese, galician, greek, slovenian, bulgarian, croatian, arabian, roumanian, chinese…).

Full professor of French Literature in Bergamo University, he has authored many critical and theoretical works and translations of about thirty books of authors such as Victor Hugo, Alfred de Vigny, Villiers de l’Isle-Adam, Guillaume Apollinaire, Yves Bonnefoy, Bernard Noël.

His poetry is basically about places, journeys, memory, love and civil passion, looking for the inner body and for the voice of the world, sensible to the power of sound and music in literary expression.