Sheryl  Ann Wilson

Sheryl Ann Wilson

A Metis woman of Mohawk, Turtle Clan heritage, Sheryl Ann is known as “Metis Angel”

I, Sheryl Ann am a disabled person. 29 years ago I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I am on Provincial Disability. I made the decision to become an entrepreneur so that I was using my Talents and Abilities and being a good example to others disabled.

I was not raised Metis. Did not learn of being Metis until 1994 when I took Genealogy training. Found out it was on my Mother’s side – that is the side that counts for Indigenous. Only after talking with my Great Auntie, my Grandfather’s sister, did I find out that my Great Grandfather had been approached at their house door, when they were about 12/13 years old. Great Grandfather ran yelling throughout their home, “this family shall never talk aboriginal again!”.

That seemed really strange and Great Auntie could not give a reason.

This is where ELDERS come in. During my life in Penticton, BC which is where I was when finding out my Aboriginal Heritage, I attended the Ooknakane Friendship Centre often and was for 5 year the Metis Rep on their Board of Directors. Whilst speaking with Elders and telling them about Great Grandfather yelling to his family about never talking aboriginal again, I was was told several times that the most likely reason for that was that the lady who had come to the home door that day, was someone trying to get him to sign for his children to be taken to Residential School. Then the Elders would look at me and state that I was so lucky to have such a wise Great Grandfather and that means that his wisdom had been passed down through me.


1983 – 1989 Wrote Business Letters

Business Owners and Criminal Lawyer/Judge

2015 Self Published

“Blue Highway Sunshine Route: Daily Reader for those with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue” Author Sheryl Ann

2015 Spring and Summer books on Amazon

2019 Fall and Winter books to be on Amazon

2018 Self Published – Co-Writer

“Simplified English Grammar” co written with Wendy Tarasoff

Sheryl Ann enjoys writing letters, poetry, non-fiction.