Sun Qian is a Hui Islamic poet and writer, born in the 50’s in Bao Ji (“Cradle of bronzeware”), Shaanxi Province, while having roots in old imperial capital Luo Yang, who has been engaged in poetry writing for 30+ years, in a trident form of writing: a combination of neoclassic poetry, Islamic poetry and artistic poetry, whose poetry anthologies include Book of Spiritual Strength, The New Rubáiyát, The Muslim Poems, The Book of Realms, a collection of his poems and essays Sagittarius Rising and many other literary works. During late years, he has been devoted to Islamic poetry writing, by which to create an Islamic atmosphere in Chinese poetry and to advocate religious divinism in poetry. His works have appeared in Poetry, the Stars, Writers, Ethnic minorities’ Literature, Oriental and Occidental Poetry, One Line (America), The Blue Star, Epoch Poetry, International Chinese literary(Australia), and several other magazines abroad. His works were translated into English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabian , Bengali and Romanian, and included in a variety of poetry selections home and abroad.