Elana Wolff

Elana Wolff:

Elana Wolff is the author of seven solo collections of poetry and a collection of essays on poems. She has co-authored, with the late Malca Litovitz, a collection of rengas; co-authored, with Susie Petersiel Berg, a limited edition chapbook of poems; and co-translated, with Menachem Wolff, poems from the Hebrew by Georg Mordechai Langer. Elana’s poems and creative nonfiction pieces have appeared in Canada and internationally and have garnered awards. She has taught English for Academic Purposes at York University in Toronto and at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She currently lives and works in Thornhill, Ontario. Elana’s sixth collection, Swoon (Guernica Editions), received the 2020 Jewish Canadian Literary Award for Poetry. Her seventh collection, Shape Taking, is newly released with Ekstasis Editions.

My poems speak to the search for personhood and yearning for transcendence. They locate connectivity in disparate things and contend with the ‘unreasonableness of miracle’. They want to believe, with work, that the brain can change.