Emil Nicolae


Writer, art critic and historian, journalist, museographer, translator (born in Bacău, Romania, the official name: Emanuel Nadler);

Graduate of the Faculty of Philology (1967-1972) of the University „Al.I. Cuza” Iaşi;

Professional career developed mainly on three dimensions: museography, creation and research in literature and visual arts, cultural journalism; specialized in bibliophilia and museology, expert of the Romanian Ministry of Culture (mobile cultural heritage), member of the Union of Professional Journalists and of the Romanian Writers’ Union; collaborates with universities, museums and art galleries, culture magazines, national television and radio; he is currently the editor-in-chief of the literature & arts & attitudes magazine Conta (since 2010, Piatra-Neamț);

He published 15 books of poems (1976-2022):

– The poet asleep in love (1976);

– Saying the butterfly in the light (1979);

– Studies / Confessions / Caprices (1983);

– Psychodrome (1994);

– The paper man – thriller (1999; graphics by Dinu Huminiuc);

– The perfect dead (2002; graphics by Dinu Huminiuc);

– Paranoima (2005; graphics by Dinu Huminiuc);

– Dark circle (2007);

– Poetry is the weakness of art (2009; graphics by Dinu Huminiuc);

– Slap is heard at the edge of the cemetery (2011);

– Other caprices (French edition2012; with drawings by Dumitru D. Bostan);

– Amor Roma (2015);

– Predatory soul (2017);

– Five Romanian Poets (Romița Mălina Constantin, Diana Geacăr, Emil Nicolae, Ioan Es. Pop, Floarea Țuțuianu), English translation by Lidia Vianu (Museum of Romanian Literature Publishing House, Bucharest 2019);

– ”Lidia Vianu Translates”: Five Romanian Poets (Parallel Texts. Bilingual edition) Romița Mălina Constantin, Diana Geacăr, Emil Nicolae, Ioan Es. Pop, Floarea Țuțuianu; Texts selected, translated into English and edited by Lidia Vianu; Advisor to the series: Anne Stewart (Contemporary Literature Press, http://editura.mttic.ro; The University of Bucharest, 2020);

– Emanuel say (2022);

He has published 3 volumes of essays:

– The woman and the female. Recourse to the erogeny of the text (1997);

– The passions after Victor Brauner (2006);

– Victor Brauner and his companions (2013);

Published 5 fine art albums:

– Victor Brauner – at the roots of his work (2004);

– Dinu Huminiuc – from drawing to the Sign (2012);

– Dumitru D. Bostan – Place and journey / View from Neamt (2014);

– Aurel Băeșu. Documentary album (correspondence, painting and graphics, 2015; co-author: Lucian Corneliu Agăleanu);

– Lucian Tudorache – Monographic album (2018);

Edited by:

– Manuel sin Marcu by A.L. Zissu (novel, critical edition preparation: updating the text, foreword, biography, bibliography, footnotes, Jewish index, critical file; 2018);

He publishes poems, essays, reviews, chronicles, studies, translations, interviews in magazines from Romania and abroad. He has lectured at national and international symposia or colloquia organized by the universities from Romania (Iaşi, Bacău, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova) and from Haifa (Israel), Granada (Spain), Münster (Germany); by Association for Urban Anthropology in Romaniaand by Romanian Cultural Institute (Paris, Lisbon, Tel Aviv ) and others;

He received 5 poetry awards of the Iasi Branch of the Romanian Writers’ Union (in 1999, 2005, 2012, 2017, 2019), the “Dosoftei” Award for the most beautiful book (Victor Brauner – at the roots of his work) at the National Book Fair “Librex” from Iaşi (2006), the title “Man of the Year 2004 in Culture” (awarded by the newspaper Ceahlăul from Piatra-Neamt), creative scholarship granted by Stiftung Kunsterdorf Schöppingen, Germany (2005), Order of Cultural Merit in the rank of Knight offered by Romanian Presidency (2005), Honorary Citizen of Piatra-Neamt Municipality (2018) etc .