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دکتر محمود مسائلی

Dr. Mahmoud Masaeli

Founder and President of the global think tank network “Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns (AP-GC). APGC is a global initiative that offers creative solutions to persisting global challenges from an alternative perspective, in service of promoting our common humanity. It has been granted Consultative Status by the ECOSOC in 2019.
Professor of Human Rights Studies at Iran Academia, the Netherlands
Owner and CEO of Global Solutions Praxis, a company for consultancy, research, and training. Ambassador of the Parliament of the World Religions, and association of Dances of Universal Peace.

Dr. Mahmoud Masaeli the Founding President and CEO of Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns (, visiting professor at Ottawa University, Ambassador of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, and member of Dances of Universal Peace. He was appointed as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Saint Paul University, Ottawa. His areas of research and teaching interest include Globalization and Global Ethics; Global Justice Theories; Recognition as Justice; Theories of International Development; Hermeneutics of Selfhood; and Modern Political Philosophy. He also holds a special interest in spirituality and global ethics. He has published extensively with Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Research Description
Globalization and Global Ethics
Theories of Global Justice
Ethics of Global Development
Theories of International Development
Modern and Contemporary Political Theory
Spirituality and global Ethics

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