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دکتر محمود مسائلی

Dr. Mahmoud Masaeli

Dr. Mahmoud Masaeli is the founder and volunteer Executive Director of the global think tank Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns (, the founder and Director of APGC Centre for the Higher Study of Human Rights and Democratic Development (, professor of human rights studies at Iran Academia (in the Netherlands). He is a global think tank leader. As a result of his endeavor, his think tank hwas been granted consyltative status by the United Nations.

His areas of research and teaching interest include Global Ethics; Global Justice; Ethics of Global Development; Human Rights; Modern Political Philosophy; and Hermeneutics of Selfhood. He also holds a special interest in spirituality and global ethics.  His last book Canada and Challenges of International Development and Globalization was nominated for 2019 PROSE Award, the second-best in textbook/Social Science in North America. He published fifteen books including Unequal Development, and Ethics of Duty; Cosmic Consciousness and Human Excellence: Insights for Global Ethics; The Return of Ethics and Spirituality in Global Development; Faith in Democracy;  Response of Mysticism to Religious Terrorism: Sufism and Beyond; Spirituality and Global Ethics; India as A Model for Global Development; Latin American Perspectives on Global Development; African Perspectives and Global Development; The Root Causes of Terrorism: A Religious Studies Perspective; and more.

He has published 27 scholarly books. His most recent books in Farsi language includes An Introduction to Freedom and Human Rights in International Political Theory; Human Rights and the Conception of the Common Good in Modern Political Thoughts; Radical Approaches to Human Rights; and The Principle of Humanity: A Timeless Aspiration for Emancipation. His on-going books in Farsi include The Principle of Humanity in International Human Rights Law; Human Rights and Global Justice Theory; Spiritual Perspectives in Human Rights; and Human Rights and Social Protection.

He has initiated and organized 54 international events, has led workshops, and is currently working on a two-year educational program entitled “Education, Empowerment, and Endogenous Development” for people of Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan.

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