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Sepideh Raissadat and Hamid Motebassem
live in concert in Ottawa
Saturday October 27, 2012


موسیقی ایران برای گوش جهان!
حمید متبسم آهنگساز و نوازنده  بنام ایرانی  که از سال 1986 در اروپا زندگی می کند را شنوندگان موسیقی با کنسرت های جهانی او و با ارایه آثارش در کانال های شاخص رادیویی پرشنونده اروپا می شناسند، آثار برجسته او مانند "به نام گل سرخ" و "سیمرغ" در دو سال گذشته شنوندگان بسیاری را از طریق WDR و BBC-TV به خود جلب کرده است.
آثار متبسم مبتنی بر موسیقی کلاسیک ایران است که راهی نو برای ارتباط با شنونده جهانی یافته و در بیست آلبوم  منتشر شده او متبلور است، هم از این روست که خیل عظیم طرفداران او در ایران نیز او را آهنگسازی نو آور می شناسند.
سپیده رییس سادات خواننده جوان موسیقی کلاسیک ایران از کودکی فراگیری آواز را آغازکرد و با اجرای آثار یکی از نام آوران موسیقی ایران " استاد پرویز مشکاتیان" اولین آلبوم خود را ارایه داد.
او راه خود را به عنوان خواننده سولیست در ایتالیا و اکنون  در کانادا ادامه می دهد و با همکاری و اجرا در سازمان های معتبر جهانی همچون یونسکو، واتیکان، رادیو و تلویزیون ایتالیا Rai و BBC نامی آشنا برای شنوندگان موسیقی ست.
"زمزمه ها" عنوان پروژه ای ست نو، که نتیجه همکاری آهنگسازی  با تجربه و خواننده ای ، توانا و بی پروا ست. این اثر با چهار ساز مضرابی و ساز های کوبه ای از اکتبر 2012 ابتدا در کانادا و پس از آن در اروپا درصحنه ارایه خواهد شد.

سپیده رییس سادات          آواز
حمید متبسم                    تار و سه تار
آرمان سیگارچی              بربت
پژمان زاهدیان                سه تار
رامین عظیمیان               بمتار
نغمه فرهمند                   تنبک، دایره و کوزه

Hamid Motebassem is a Persian composer and instrumentalist who is well known in Europe through his concerts and the presentation of his music on radio. In the last couple of years, some of his compositions, such as "In the name of the rose" and "Simorgh" have impressed many listeners of the WDR and BBC-TV.  Motebassem's compositions, reflected in 20 albums, are routed in Persian classical music but expressed in a novel way. His Persian fans consider him a modern and innovative composer. 
Sepideh Raissadat is a Persian vocalist who started her career at a young age. Her first album was based on compositions by the well known composer Parviz Meshkatian.  She continues her career as a soloist in Italy and now in Canada, along the way collaborating with and receiving support from Unesco, the state of Vatican, the Italian Radio-television station RAI and BBC. Those international efforts have brought her recognition among music lovers around the world.
"Zemzemeha"  is the title of a concert produced through the collaboration of these two great artists. This performance is accompanied by a string quartet and percussion ensemble. After opening in Canada in October 2012, it will tour in Europe.
Sepideh Raissadat: Vocal
Hamid Motebassem: Tar & Setar
Arman Sigarchi: Barbat
Pejman Zahedian: Setar
Ramin Azimian: Bam-Tar
Naghmeh Farahmand: Percussions

Great News. Not only tickets to this wonderful concert are set at such an affordable price of $35, but also, there is a $5 refund for Students and Seniors at the door.

The concert will be performed at the Kailash Mital Theatre of Carleton University. Please take your time and make yourself familiar with this venue if you haven't been there already. Please click HERE for more info, or go to the end for a map.

Tickets available now at: ARYA Food Market at 508 Gladstone Ave. (613-594-3636) and Super Sun (Alpha) at 196 Main St. (613-238-3837). For more information please call: 613-889-4700. Tickets available at the door.

How to get to Kailash Mital Theatre? Please note that finding any location inside Carleton University for someone who is not familiar with Carleton is a challenge. You need to give yourself some extra time and review this. Here is one MAP for the theatre; and here is HERE is some explanation the way Carleton officials are explaining it. Anything you do, please feel free to call and ask me questions in advance, but not on Saturday October 27, please!

Update: Please click HERE for a Google map and more clear address of Kailash Mital Theatre. Feel free to make it larger and see more details. According to this map, here is an exact direction from Bronson Ave to Kailash Mital Theatre: From Bronson Ave. turn into "University Rd"; after about 150 meter take left according to the road; pass two "Stop signs"; at the second stop sign you pass "Raven Rd."; take a right turn according to the road, and then another right; at the third stop sign turn LEFT under a new building (this is not in the Google map! - you are still on University Rd.); continue for a little while until you reach a 3-way; turn right into "Library Rd"; drive for about 150 meters and enter the Parking Lot 1 at your right ($2 flat rate for Saturdays); there is an ally in front of you that takes you to Kailash Mital Theatre.

Parking: Please click HERE for useful information about parking at Carleton university. As you notice, there is a flat rate of $2 for Saturdays.
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